Consultations are free.

Call us for a complimentary consultation.   We will explore whether Acupuncture is suitable for your particular condition and determine a suitable treatment plan to take care of your ailments.

Downloadable patient forms

For your convenience you may wish to download and print your intake forms prior to your consultation or appointment. This saves you time during the intake process. Click here.

By appointment only…

Because we offer individualized acupuncture treatment in a private, serene setting, patients are seen by appointment only. You may make appointments by calling: (520) 668-5210 and we will reserve a time especially for you.

Payment accepted by Tucson Acupuncture Center:

Cash, Personal Check
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
Flexible Health Spending Accounts

Payment plans are available.


We offer discount our fees if you pay at time of service.

Free Consultation15 minutes$0.00
New Patient • Acupuncture Services1 Hour$75.00 Paid at the time of service
Established Patient • Acupuncture Services1 Hour$75.00 Paid at the time of service
Neuro Linguistic Programming Session1 Hour$75.00 Paid at the time of service

Among Tuscon employers with plans that may cover acupuncture are: Banner, Costco,  Geico,  Intuit, Raytheon Missle Systems... others employers may provide acupuncture insurance as well.

We are not in-network providers. However we will bill your insurance if your insurance covers acupuncture.  

To verify if your insurance policy covers acupuncture please fill out the following verification form and return it us prior to your appointments.


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